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At today's SMART BoD meeting the GM in his report mentioned that NWP was in the process of getting their locos working with the system PTC. 

I found this comment odd as last year on this w-site, someone mentioned that NWP was already in tests with one of the locos on the SMART system.

CP can you fill us in on this?

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one is all ready ptc ready i think its 1501 or 2009

i think the up engine is not ready yet

What I thought and if anyone has the details do let me know.  I was not happy with the SMART GM's statements.

Comment by Scott Kremer on October 26, 2017 at 5:51pm

Joseph, last I heard, the 1501 does not have PTC installed. Only 2009 does at this time. 

Comment by Joseph Muller on October 26, 2017 at 4:50pm

1922 is most likely side-lined because it is a leased unit without PTC (Postitive Train Control) installed. As such, it cannot run solo on any active portion of the SMART tracks. (at least not without special dispatching) I do miss seeing it out and about, as it reminds me of the grey and scarlet SP units I'd see as a kid back in the 90's.

I know for sure that 2009 (RJ Corman Genset) has PTC installed, and I think that 1501 (MP15 switcher) does as well.

Last year was PTC (E-ATC) testing on SMART's line between Ignacio and Airport, whatever testing scenarios failed last year have been corrected and fixed, and are being re-tested this year. Trains operating between Ignacio and Airport run under Absolute Blocks within the CTC limits. The PTC system that SMART is using is an enhanced ATC system dubbed "E-ATC". Only the 2009 is currently equipped with the appropriate E-ATC hardware, and the UP unit will be equipped at a cost of more than 100K sometime in the future. According to the NCRA/SMART/NWPCo agreement SMART was supposed to pay for and equip 5 locomotives with E-ATC but decided that they wouldn't do so when NWPCo started to move LPG tank cars. Only identical RP20BD's will be equipped with E-ATC in the future because the whole line would have to be tested again with a diffferent unit like a GP40 or MP15 if it was so equipped. This would end up costing NWPCo well over $250,000 with SMART's outrageous $42,000/month testing fee in addition to the cost to equip a different unit and payroll for engineers to run the locomotive.


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