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Is it possible to fix the line between Eureka and Fortuna? They could start repairing the line from up north, and slowly work their way down to Sonoma County.  They could also have a tourist railroad running between those two cities. As for the canyon track, I'm not entirely sure on what they would do with that section. This way, the whole line could be connected again.  

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Check out 

We are currently in the process of purchasing the historic Hammond Lumber Company Roundhouse and shops... We plan on creating an operational museum and excursion train from Samoa to Eureka. 

Currently, we have speeder events in Samoa, Old Town Eureka, Loleta and Fortuna. 

With funding and an increased community support, this may become a reality. 

Thanks Sean, I will check it out.

Timberheritage sends a welcome ray of hope. & if they can do what they'r planning, i didn't see anything in the way of a Eureka - Arcata connection when i gave that a look June 3rd. but between Eureka & Fortuna there's way too much track missing in too many places.


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