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I noticed the faint remains of a spur near Cloverdale headed into All-Coast Forest Products. Considering that the mill is still outputting lumber, could it be considered a customer in the future when SMART gets to Cloverdale? Or are there any other companies willing to truck logs/lumber to Cloverdale?,-123.0114201,3a,75y,233.54h...

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Redwood Empire is the former/current/prospective customer for the NWP in Cloverdale, or near Cloverdale. I know that because many images on this webpage show them shipping via the rails.
One can hope - Nu Forest Products in Healdsburg recently shut down, sold off their land to a developer, and headed north to consolidate operations with All-Coast Forest Products. It's a race against time to get service up there, but that's dependent on SMART fixing Healdsburg bridge first. Of course you have the whole roundabout thing just north of the depot being a year late and over budget, good luck trying to run a train back through for at least a few more months.


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