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Does anyone think that with the number of semi trailers going in and out of Sonoma county that a piggyback service would be option for the NWP?? You have trucking companies like yellow, Estes, and Conway that could ship semi trailers out and eliminate long haul costs. I know it would need a area with a fair amount of room but could they do it at standard structures or adobe lumber?? I know the NWP use piggybacks when SP ran it in the 60's. What do people think about the idea??

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I'm not sure, but I'd expect that intermodal containers have pretty much replaced semi-trailers wherever there is the opportunity for long-haul intermodal transport.  I'd think a relatively small rail container terminal somewhere up north on the NWP would see a fair amount of use.

I don't know I was just in reno and looked like a lot of semi trailers were being unloaded from there. I know ups still does piggyback where they can.

 Good thought Carl.  Unfortunately, the railroad is just too slow for 'Hot' cargo or anything else.....and inefficient at moving it from door to door on a timely basis.  Bob Cleek has a good idea about possibly building a small container terminal 'somewhere up north' on the NWP.  Wineries and other outfits could haul in bulk items like machinery, cardboard, and the like.  How do I like your idea.....GREAT.....but practical in this day and age....NO.  Back in the 60's this might have worked well, but piggyback on the all my years around NWP I've maybe seen six piggyback cars.  Piggyback flats, yes, many over the years, but all for storage by S.P.


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