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No photos of NWP on August 19,2011?  No train movements? Had 5 cars on 8/17/2011 so expected there to be movement on the 19th. Did anyone see activity yesterday? Steve Bell in Seattle so couldn't see tracks myself.

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I'm in the same boat as you, Steve! I live in Fortuna, and rely on the efforts of members who live a little closer to the action!


Zachary M. Toler

If you are in Fortuna, seems to me that  you could drive back and forth every  other day to make some fine "Richard Steinheimer" type photographs and email them to folks further away than thou. Just as an aside, I think that I qualify as being furher away so I will place my order for several prints of those NWP trains that are of at least 10 cars plus locomotive(s). A full portrait shot of all 10+cars and motive power will be most acceptable. LOL, of course. Anyway enjoy your tri-weekly treks to  Sonoma Co.

  If you can shoot movement with either the Santa Rosa or Petaluma stations as backdrop it would be most appreciated. Lighting must be either early morning or late afternoon with soft illumination making the stations more elegant in appearance.

Yeah, I guess it's not the same boat. I'm in the row boat, you're in the cruise ship, as far as the distance goes:-). Trust me, if it were as simple as that, I'd be doing it already...basicly, things are complicated and money is short:-(. Whenever do I make it down there, though, I will try to get the desired shots:-)! Probably wouldn't kill me to upgrade to a better camera, too!



Zachary M. Toler

Dang it, I HATE TYPOS-->"Whenever do I make it down there..." of course SHOULD be "Whenever I do make it down there..." Anyhoo,



Zachary M. Toler

Should get yourself some taller or rather longer money--if it is short. Tall or longer money  is much to be preferred to short money.

  A better camera?  Your Instamatic by Kodak is perfectly fine as far as it goes, which is not too far. Better that you have a digital picture-taking device. A nice Nikon or Canon DSLR with a   600-800 lens along with various zoom lenses would be a nice upgrade. Also if you shoot trains on upgrade they are moving slower and are easier to capture without apparent motion/blurr.   Good luck,  Paul Ansel Richard Wannabe.

They did run on Thursday, making that their third trip through NO-vato for the week. So have to wait til this next week to come on up.
then 'I' must be in a submarine
Best place to watch "submarine" races is inside a sub. Good for you. Best of luck with the race. We'll keep you add-viced as to the NWP rail action. 


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