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  Anyone have photos of NWP movements during last week of September and/or first week of October?  Being in Seattle I can't see the tracks from here so am relying upon those camera-ladden NWP afficienados down NWP way ( and also right-of-way) to click-and-post  for the enjoyment of us isolated exiles from North Bay Area.  Thanks, Mucho gracias, merci , and danke shoen.   S.R.Bell

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Steven, looks like there are three "New NWP" videos from September 25 and that's it, though there are several more recent ones on Youtube that I've been meaning to add to the network.  There are dozens of new photos from the two weeks which interest you, however -- just go to the photos page (, browse backwards using the "Next" link, and you should see them.  Regards,


Mark D.

Steven, here's one recent video shot by Steve Atnip:


Mark D.


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