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Went down to Petaluma today noticed the ballast cars and the Homeless were gone without a trace. Just wondering if anyone was privy to the info of where they went


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Dang it now I wish I'd come back home from clear lake on sunday via schellville

How long have those cars been on the NWP?

I don't know but the bums have been there as long if not longer.....: )

They have been sitting in Windsor for as long as I could remember, up until 2009 of course. Had a lot of fires in and around them, as well as drugs and gang activity, during that time, and I heard a story of one getting loose and starting to roll away. I remember going down there the day after they moved them, and the whole siding look...awkward and naked. Haha.

LOL.....funny how those cars are a magnate for trouble.


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