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Went down to Petaluma today noticed the ballast cars and the Homeless were gone without a trace. Just wondering if anyone was privy to the info of where they went


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Two were moved to Schellville the rest are going to be scrapped

Mike Manson

Mike Manson Either Thursday or Friday.  Shamrock Materials had them FRA-inspected, then removed.  NWP 002 and 006 will stay with the NWP.  The rest will be scrapped.  NWP 009 in Cloverdale also will be used by the NWP.

Again, why FRA inspect them, only to scrap them? Hospital move them.

why did shamrock have them inspected??? does this mean that shamrock may reopen thier spur? I dont understand why ncra or nwp couldnt have them fra inspected.

Must have been in real bad shape or the scrap value is high. Seems a waste to scap them

My guess is that 'whomever is concerned' wanted to keep any which came close or passed inspection, in this case only two.

My understanding, from talking with a Shamrock representative, is that the 'to be scrapped' cars are going to a salvage yard not on the NWP and therefore must be acceptable for interchanging with the Cal Northern/UP.

Ok. I can understand that more. Are they in bad shape?

The scrap value was reported to be $6500.00

What is the extra cost added by running a train at 5-10mph verses 20-25mph. 2 to 4 times the pay for the crew that hauls the cars, would the tarrif be that much different for a hospital move? Shamrock pays either way.

And I'm guessing they wanted them out of the way since they were going to be dropping rail to Caulfield today, although now it won't be until tomorrow morning.

Those cars needed to be shoved off a pier somewhere down into Davey Jones' Locker.......


All the ballast cars were moved on Friday the 3rd and  I saw all of them at Shellville on Sunday the 4th. Took photos on both days and will post. They are in pretty bad shape but will miss them as I often take my daily walks down Hopper Street.


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