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I picked up a DVD recently at an LA train hobby shop, a Pentrex video documenting day to day operations on the SP/NWP around 1992/1994. If you haven't caught this yet, its worth it. I'm about half way through. It had nice shots of the operation of the Napa, Petaluma and Black Point bridges, and yard action in Petaluma. It's amusing to hear the narrator speak about frenzied activity in the Petaluma yard. You really get a sense of the teamwork and organization required to get cargo from one end to the other.

Looks like Pentrex is in the neighborhood of me here in Pasadena.

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I also have a copy of this video, and love it! Probably watched it 10+ times!

The one they did on California Northern was well done, too. I just wish I could find it on DVD. I haven't had a VCR set up in years.
Agreed. Yeah, I don't know that either has been released on DVD, Tim.
If you want to take a chance on your out of print tape, I have the means of transfering VHS to DVD, and I'll do it for you if you provide a blank DVD and enough $ for the shipping.
I believe "Today's Northwestern Pacific" was released on DVD -- I have two copies, I think, but will check this evening to make sure. I haven't seen the California Northern video but will try to find a copy. Regards,

Mark D.
If you can find a copy of the California Northern tape, I'd like to see it. Looks like its been out of print for a while. Nothing is mentioned of it on the Pentrex website.
I'll look in my old tapes box. I'm sure I still have it. Funny thing is, the YouTube Pentrex area has a preview of the California Northern on it.
The California Northern tape was released 15 years ago. The stock # is CALNORTH.



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