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 I was watching Charles Smiley's "Southern Pacific, When the Empire was Intact" and I saw the PALCO scene with TPLCo caboose #5.  I thought it would make a nice project this winter. I really don't know my cabs, what type of caboose was this? (see the attached screen captures)

BTW, I have seen the old kits but it looks nothing like this screen capture. I think it could be fun, even with the a matching Baldwin .... maybe next winter for that.



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Steve, where this caboose came from and who built it, is a mystery! Check out Bob Hogan's photos on this list for better photos. They were taken during our trip in 1961. Mitch Valder has done an N scale model, Bob has done an S scale model, and I am planning to do one in HO. Mitch measured #5 and has all the dimensions, perhaps he will share. American Model Builders says they will modify an SP C-30-1 caboose to match the dimensions. They have stated emphatically that it will NOT be prototypically correct, but I think it will invoke the spirit of #5. The cost of the first kit in HO will approach $150.00, but each kit after that will be about $50.00. If you want to join the fun, let me know, we can split the design costs, about 1 1/5 hours of CAD work. Decals for the caboose and the diesels are available.

Richard Todd

THANKS Richard!  At least I now know why it is so hard to find anything out about it.  I'll look back the guys pictures and see what they have done.  Always nice to look at their work even without a reason.

Thanks for the offer on AMB but I'll see what I can do first  as I am OK with the spirt of #5 in this case.  I was looking at the C&O 30' centered cupolas and them seem close.  The may not be in spec but have the feel optically proportionally at first glance.  See file below.  I won't get 87 points but I'm OK with that too.

Thanks again!  I'll pass on anything else I can find and the efforts as they come.



You could always come check it out for real... It lives in Samoa at our shops. (Timber Heritage Association.)

Where can you find that video?? I'd love to see north end video. 

Thanks Sean.  I usually find myself in area during the summer near Hoopa so it is doable. This year is different so soon, you guys are on my list.  Maybe if the fall goes well, it would be well worth it.

I got the DVD from E Bay for like $25 to the door.  Has a whole little section on PALCO, California Western, Skunk, Siskiyou, NWP but focuses on the Redding area north to like Grass Lake.




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