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(This has a lot to do with Bay Area Railroading, not much with the NWP, but I just wanted to post it. though some may find it interesting.I just wanted to post this to see how many people agree and dissagree with Union Pacific.

Last month Union Pacific Railroad Co. anounced its plan to tare down its historic shop building in Oakland. The structure, built during the last phase of construction of the Transcontenental Railroad, was moved out of in the 1980's due to sysmic concerns. It once served thousands of locomotives and cars every week, but all that remains are rails and overhead cranes. The place is real dangerous, UP mandates that anyone taking tours of the shop wear boots, safety goggles and a helmit.

How many people think the building should be torn down and how many think UP should put a little money into the building?


Check out the article in the SF Chronicle dated October 3rd 2010.




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Chad, a post on the Espee list says that it has been torn down already. This happened within the last few weeks. There was an effort to save it but apparently it was unsuccessful.Pictures from a few years ago are available on the Espee web site. One of the concerns was a total lack of earthquake survivability. The folks on the list have asked for post demo pictures.

Richard Todd
wow that was fast. I was hoping to go see it before it was torn down. Thanks for the update. I'll just delete the post then lol.



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