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I am now living and watching what is happening up here in the Santa Rosa area.
1st there are too overly long trucks with lumber on the highway 101. These loads need to be put onto rail either coming or going into the County.

2nd there seems to be little knowledge, maybe concern for SMART service from people I have talked to. 

Things like "not enough trains" "no parking" and "doesn't connect" are many of the comments I hear.

I will take these issues to the next SMART BoD but more importantly, I want to hear how SMART will "work" to help get these big lumber trucks off of our hiway and onto freight. 

The other thing is garbage/refuse.  I go to the Petaluma Mecham Rd recyling yard and see a huge amount of tonnage going into that yard.  All of that should be going into landfill which I as others to verify, or if not onto rail.

Enough for now.

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There are a number of very large disposal sites in the Western US that are more than happy to take all the garbage anybody sends them... for a price. There's one in Nevada, I believe, that is served by rail. They are way the hell and gone out in the middle of nowhere and there aren't any neighbors to complain about them. At some point, rail is going to be the only way to move garbage to these remote sites when the local landfills are filled. Otherwise, there will be nothing but garbage trucks on all of our highways, hauling trash out of the area.


Too many big trucks on the highways is a serious problem not only in the Bay Area but all over the country.  It's gotten so bad in the Upper Midwest that I dread riding on an Interstate Highway anywhere.  What I'd love to see (and it's been talked about) is the concept of putting tolls on the Interstates.  If the people and especially trucks have to pay for them directly from the toll booths that might make rail more competitive.  I realize that U.S. 101 really isn't a true interstate but it is interstate-like since so much of it is limited access (i.e. "freeway").

Could tolls on U.S. 101 possibly make a renewed rail line from Eureka to the North Bay area more viable?  Quite a bit of speculation there.  I honestly don't know.  But it's difficult to see how it could hurt.


Fred M. Cain


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