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I'm not the seller, but the price is very reasonable. Somebody here should grab this gem:

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Looks like its Chicago and Northwestern.....Although it looked like the Bay Area they were advertising. 

Buyer beware, these types of things are often faked and sold for the same amount. I found a guy at the Great Train Show a couple years ago selling "Genuine" SP maps from the 30s and 40s that were sold "by the SP during the UP merger to clear out office space." As if the story wasn't sketchy enough, you could see the ink-jet style printing of the map; a dead give away. 

Ah, great eyes, Chad! My eyes were tired (along with the rest of me after a long work day) so I "first take" thought I was seeing a copy of NWP's "Vacation" booklet... I own two of those originals...I think the flavor of this C&^NW booklet's cover art was what fooled me - very similar in style to what NWP did in the same general period.

I appreciate the advisory and comment!


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