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I'm spending Thanksgiving at my away from home terminal. Just had dinner with the rest of the crew, but now back at the hotel with not much to do. So what better than NWP trivia? Our favorite little railroad has an interesting history, much of it unknown to most. Just thought I'd see how many people can answer the following correctly.

1. Where are NWP trains currently dispatched from?

A. American Canyon/Napa Junction, CA

B. Schellville, CA

C. Petaluma, CA

D. St. Albans, VT

E. None of the above

2. True or False: An Amtrak P42DC has operated on NWP trackage.

3. In the days of SP ownership, a manifest operating out of Roseville would run to Eureka, making set outs and pickups for local switchers along the way. What was the official SP/NWP designation for this train?






I'll be back...

...with teh answers after you've all spoken.

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Does anyone know why warrent are issued from Vermont?

How they are transmitted (email)?

Are they sent to someone in Schelleville?

SMART owns the track and they contract with Rail America to do the dispatching. Rail Americas dispatching office is located in Vermont

It will be interesting to see what happens there after the G&W transaction is complete. Most G&W properties do their own dispatching, though some smaller lines are dispatched by their larger sisters. We shall see....


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