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In Tony Thompson's excellent book on SP boxcars, he includes a diagram of what the SP was going to paint the NWP's boxcars (that they later didn't order). Does anyone know what the number series of these cars were going to be? Thanks in advance for the help.

Jeff Maurer

Penryn CA

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Sorry boss. I’ll look into it though.

No luck here Jeff.  I checked our NWP books and the SP Shops book and no joy.  Heck of a great question though.   :-) 

'Looking forward to checking out the new NWP book for sure.

Thanks for the reply, but these cars were never actually numbered for the NWP. Instead they numbered them all for the SP since the NWP was becoming more absorbed into the SP. They were the B-50-18 all steel (aka PS-1ish) boxcars. Since there was a drawing showing the potential paint for the NWP, I am assuming that there would have been a number series reserved for them as well. I've heard several times about how these cars were earmarked for the NWP, but never heard anyone refer to a number series.

Possible series would have been either 2260+ since the last (B-50-11 40' OB) boxcars were numbered 2160-2259, but since they were the first all steel boxcars, they could have also been 2300+ or even 2000-2099 (since for some reason the 2000 series was passed over).


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