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NWP -south of novato wye- reconstruction as of 10 am monday 6/23/14

all old rail & ties pulled from wye to a mile or so inside the san rafael city limits, except for short bit at street crossings. at san pedro street crossing (san refael) there is still a good bit of undisturbed & useable rail line in both directions.


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(continued) from the wye, 1 new track is complete to about 200 feet N of the creek that runs a mile or so S of the wye. the new concrete ties continue to run from where the rails end up to & on the brand new concrete bridge over the creek. alignment is @ far W side of bridge, w/ room for at least 2 more tracks, possibly even 3 more.

makes me wonder what they did w/ the huge stack of wooden ties i saw @ the wye a couple weex ago. also a flatcar or 2 full of them @ schellville last week. maybe the genuine NWP guys are using them to the north.

thx for the update! Re: the ties: those were salvaged from Burdell siding deconstruction but I don't know what became of them. I have a feeling that they were unloaded at schellville for future use by NWP. Was reported on TO that NWP was salvaging the entire mainline at Burdell to make a new siding out of it. The ties on the flats were from the old siding tho I  believe

in my last contact w/ the schellville boyz, they claym'd they wer in the process uv rebild'n everything to & incluudn Windsor. ~this~ wood jyv w/ sumthn I herd very recently. hopefully u wil shortly fynd elswayr on this syt, mor info on -that-.  

T.T. - thanx 4 the roblar upd8. - steve

Are the sidings (it was once practically a yard) between the Ignacio Wye and Hamilton gone for good, or are any of them going to be replaced as sidings for SMART passing or NWP use?  It seems they'd want some space there for switching at the Wye.  I'm curious about SMART's plans for passing sidings.  I had presumed they'd retain Park, Burdell, Ignacio and so on for that purpose.  Anybody know?

skorch'd erth endevr on everything orijnl xcept crossingz from the wye to marin civic centr (N san Rafael) area. the 1st cross street S uv the wye, theyr wuz stil a good length uv syding show'n a munth or so ago but wen I chek'd on that crossing july 9, that had been remoov'd. az far az smart's plans for passing, i'd just say that judj'n by the width uv that new concrete bridj a mi or so S uv the wye, & the way theyv got that 1st lyn engrayv'd in stone, theyr plan'n on 3 parallel trax, mayb 4.                                                                                                  (c july 9 genrl upd8 sumwayr on the club websyt heer)[if I evr akshly get it 2gethr]   


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