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Anyone know where Herzog took the old crossties from the NWP RoW when they renovated the line for SMART?

I need some of them to reinforce my new property in Santa Rosa.

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FYI, creosote ties are no longer recommended for residential use.  I have plenty on my property, which were installed decades ago, some now rotting.  I will need to plan for their eventual disposal and replacement with something else.  An expensive future project which you may want to avoid.

I recall some discussion about possible NWP application of weed killer along the RoW and concern about suspected overspray into vineyards.  Creosote is a pesticide and definitely shouldn't be used for produce beds.

Unfortunate, because I love the smell of creosote!

Here's some additional information from the EPA which seems to contradict the above statement about legality.  The bottom line, rules like this tend to get stricter over time.


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