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I just had a chance to get many of my images & video up onto the interwebs from Friday's NWP rendezvous in Petaluma.  Here:

From NWP Railroad Returns to Petaluma

North Bay Voice:


And raw images:  

(looks like this slideshow isn't embedding - here it is: )

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Wow, that shot with the American flag is awesome. Just really captures the spirit of the moment. Really, really nice.

The slideshow did embed, as it seems to be working.


Zachary M. Toler

Nice pics, JB.  Just wondering, did the NWP drop off those two cars and deadhead back to Shellville, or did they wait until they were unloaded, returning with the two empty cars?

Hi Dave.  

1922 returned Southwards without any cars & left the full cars at Hunt & Behrens.  They were WAY late on the day, and I have no idea if they motored all the way to Schelleville or not. 



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