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John Williams NWP Co.

Mr. Williams reported that NWP CO. Operator Jake Park won the Regional Short Line

Association Distinction Safety Award because he and his team were injury and accident free for

2012. He reported that NWP CO. continues to work with SMART during its construction project

but that some sidings have been removed and this is creating a problem for potential customers.

He said that the Adobe Road spur track had been completed and was ready to accept cars.


The Board recommended a discussion item related to the SMART Operating Agreement.


Director Fennell asked Mr. Williams if he had contacted Blue Diamond.

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Thanks for the update!  That's great about winning the safety award!  No worries on track up here though,  all the spurs and sidings are intact up here in Mendocino County, we're ready and waiting! ie. Granite Construction in Calpella has their own siding, and Mendocino Redwood in Calpella, Mendocino Forest Products in Ukiah and Redwood Valley Business Park in Redwood Valley all have their own spurs. 

There are a couple of other spurs intact in Ukiah, ie.Mendocino Farm Products on Talmage Road and one near the Waste Transfer station on the south end of town.

Also, all sidings are intact in Hopland and Redwood Valley, and yard tracks are all intact and ready in Ukiah.  Willits yard tracks and spurs are all intact as well.  

I have a feeling that NWP is going to have to twist arms to get SMART to keep siding on their right of way.  But the track from Healdsburg up is NCRA, so I have a feeling SMART will not get away with disconnecting sidings on NCRA property unless NCRA and NWP allow it. 

SMART actually owns everything up to the 1st Street crossing in Cloverdale, including the Cloverdale yard.  My understanding is that SMART plans to use the Cloverdale yard tracks for making up and breaking up commuter trains.  This is why SMART is repairing the crossing on Asti Road, but not the crossing on 1st Street.


There is a spur that comes off the main line in Cloverdale, crossing Asti Road at a crossing further north than the main line crossing.  It goes into an open area on the East side of Asti Road and disappears into the grass.  Does anyone know what this spur was for?  Perhaps a rock quarry?

Most likely a quarry, there is one of those spurs in Windsor too that served Kaiser. 

They said that prior to changing their minds and building the maintenance facility in Larkfield/Windsor/Airport, if I remember right. 


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