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The video text was edited, so here is the new location:

Awesome vid lucky dog you.....

Greetings - I'm new to this site.  I was inspired by member B Richards photos of 3804 at Burdell, so I hiked down there a week and a half ago (Wednesday, June 29) and got of few shots under morning / overcast light.




Great photos, Ron, and welcome again to the network!  If you add these images via the Photos page they will show up on the slide show on the front page of the network, and far more people will see them.  Excellent photography and hope to see more of your work soon!  Thanks,


Mark D.

Thanks Mark, I see the files remained as attachments... I'll try reloading them to the slide show.  This is a good test of my upload capability, since I want to be ready for the "main event" which could happen this week!



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