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Holy Crud!!!1 


Can anyone get the photo that was added for those who dont have a Yahoo! acount???


THis is awesome!!!

I'm guessing the caboose wasn't taken due to the missing part of the coupler
Another shot did they get it to move? and the guy on the yahoo site made it seem like it rolled under its own power..i doubt it did but who knows.

Very cool to see.


just because it looks like a wreck on the outside doesn'y mean it is under the hood, as long as the prime mover and other important components inside the carbody are operable, it could move under it's own power.


yessir but with numerous copper thieves running around lately, its hard to believe. Plus people breaking into the cab and stealing guages (why?) and yanking wires out of the countrol just does not look good for this locomotive.

Thanks for the photos, Steve! I only hope they can get up here in time to save the other NCRA geeps in Eureka, before they get scraped! They scraped some NCRA Diffco dump cars that were only 50ft (maybe) down the tracks from the stranded geeps about two months ago!!! Seems like those could have come in handy in repairing the line from this end...


Zachary M. Toler

Last I heard they were just pulling derelic equipment to shellevill and light/training runs up as far north as Santa industries being served yet because of all the drama with Novato, which says they cannot haul revanue frieght until this mess is cleaned up.

On the NCRA website a long time ago I found a PDF file of all the industries and companies wanting to ship frieght, including the ones that already have contracts.


sounds like she was dragged out.
I wish we had pics of this movement. wonder where the3804 ended up.
Just read somewhere that 3804 is sitting on a siding at Burdell. Also read that the "new" leased Genset is sitting at Roseville waiting to be delivered. Pictures on

any way we could get these photos..or does anybody live near Roseville that could snap a few pics? I don't have a trainorders acount and im not planning on getting one, but I sure would like to know what our genset looks like...

Thanks for the info!!



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