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1. NWP Co. Mr. Doug Bosco- Mr. Bosco said this is a very active period and NWP Co. has been getting customer inquiries about use of freight rail service. A customer in Windsor has interest in using freight rail and NWP Co. is working to finalize an agreement. This agreement will require a spur track be installed. NWP Co. has decided to move forward with this project and split the cost of this spur track with the customer.

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I saw this... I am curious who the new customer is. I took a look overhead at Windsor and couldn't find a possible customer on the map. Standard Structures property was the only serious outfit next to the row, but I could be mistaken. I was going by Google Maps...

Since SMART hasn't built up to Windsor, the spur will cost a fraction of what it would cost to connect to the upgraded rail.  Is SMART obligated to cover the cost building the switch when they extend the line north?  I can't remember what the agreement was regarding new spurs on the yet to be built portion of the line.  

There is (or at least was) a large wine warehouse opposite of SS that wanted a turn out, but they couldn't get permission from PGE to cross over a pipeline that runs between the ROW and the property.  

I could see a lot of possibilities along the ROW in Windsor, but I have no idea who it could be.

Didn't Lagunitas Brewing Company finally get their own spur?

It's still in the permit process as far as I know. They are still transloading near willowbrook at the old Adobe lumber.

I have driven by the old RoW next to Old Redwood HIghway north of Windsor and always wondered what is limiting the new NWP getting FRA class 3 approval to run up to the RR river bridge and to serve the Syar quarry up in the river south of the bridge.  I know that the RoW was fully renovated just before the NCRA line was shut down and possibly could be initially opened for 25mph max traffic.  As to loads well unknown.

But when I look at some of the RoWs being used for freight in the east the Windsor to RR river portion could not be any worse.

But as Chris noted below, this is not-so-smart RoW and they probably have the final call which most likely too is the case for this new switch. 

The grade crossing at Starr Road needs to be completely rebuilt before any train movements can happen.  For some reason, this crossing was skipped when the other crossings further north were rebuilt.  I did notice that the City of Healdsburg has started construction on the new roundabout on Healdsburg Avenue, which is supposed to include a newly rebuilt crossing (similar to Santa Cruz's roundabout).

Board of Directors Meeting MINUTES from last month meeting

Nov 9 2016

I doubt this will be done very fast. Remember we are still waiting for spurs at sutra and lagunitas. Hopefully it's something other than hopper cars.


As Chris has posted, this spur will not have to deal with smart Cl 1 RoW issues like those needed further south.  Let's trust it will happen soon.

It's still smarts track so they will need to approve it and they are kind of a wildcard to me at this point


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