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I've uploaded NWP timetables for 1915, 1956 & 1961 which you may find of interest.

The May 16, 1915 Timetable is the first color use I have ever found for the "Redwood" logo.  Nice!  

The color map is very interesting as it shows the recently discussed Santa Rosa-Sebastopol branch, the projected Fulton to Markam branch, the projected Healdsburg connection to the isolated Albion branch, a line out of Willits to Sherwood (with switchback & 3 times a week passenger trains) and the northern most NWP branch from Arcata up to Trinidad.  Also shown are the various "other" RR's located at Gualala, Navarro, Casper, Ft. Bragg (other than CWR), & Bucksport.  All of the NWP's NG lines are still intact for the "Triangle" trip on this map & timetable.  A surprise to me was the indicated NWP ownership of the Sonoma Branch to Glen Ellen and the heavy passenger service on the line..

Note the extensive passenger service on all of the various branch lines in 1915.  Plus, the A&MR had a single daily scheduled passenger train as did the Cal Western.  There were four trains per day up the Mt. Tamalpais & Muir Woods RR.  

Only Trains #1 & #2 ran all the way to Eureka (and not #3 & #4).  In 1915 it took 12 hours for this train to make Eureka from S.R..  The new "Redwood" in the 1956 T/T took 10 1/2 hours for the same trip.

If you compare the 1961 BUDD RDC #10's time from Willits to Eureka, it bettered the Redwood's old schedule (The Redwood did it in 6 hrs. 45 minutes vs. the #10 RDC's 5 hour trip) by an hour and 45 minutes.

Interesting stuff.  Sorry I couldn't find anything on the #3 & #4 "Night Trains" in the 1940's and 1950's for Richard.

Bob Hogan

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Hi Bob,

Just recently joined the group, maybe the first UK member?     I am particularly interested in timetables and would really like to view your 1915 one!     I may be thick but how do I download it?    I am compiling station lists for many countries world-wide, over 1000 pages so far on USA.   You can view all on my web-site:

regards   Jim


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