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To Santa Rosa members:
What method is FEMA using haul away the polluted debris from the Tubbs fire.  Normally this type of material is hauled to Nevada or Utah and mostly by rail.  Is there any discussion in your space about NWP doing the hauling of fire debris?

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I saw a news item that fire damaged propane tanks are being collected and marshaled in Windsor, piquing  interest in possible disposal transport via rail.  It certainly seems like the NWP would be the most cost-efficient option to transport this debris on its first leg out of the area.

I have no idea what the cost/benefit analysis is, but they are actually hauling all the debris out to the Sonoma County dump off of Meachum Road west of Cotati. That landfill was operating as a transfer station and recycling center and, as I recall, was considered pretty much full up. (Their recycling center is one of the best-kept secrets around. Tons of cool, and not-so-cool, stuff for ultra-cheap.)  A steady stream of heavy trucks are running the stuff down there from Santa Rosa.  Perhaps they gave them a reprieve and let them fill some more?  If they can dump it ten or fifteen miles down the road, I doubt rail transport is economically competitive. Somebody's probably looking the other way on the hazmat regulations, although all the workers on the job are dressed like they were wading through a toxic waste spill. I'd hate to see the dairymen in the neighborhood starting to have two-headed cows!

Great article. Didn't think that the local dumps could handle fire debris. Guess we learn something new everyday.
You would need to build a huge operation to do this. Not worth the capital investment imho

I read in the December NCRA report that Doug Bosco reported "that NWP Co. has had interest from parties in Sonoma County to move 3000 tons of fire debris by rail out of Sonoma County to landfill and has been contacted by interested parties inquiring about building materials being shipped by rail to Sonoma County."  3000 tons is not really that much but do any of you north bay members have any more info on this? 


Ya that's not much at all if each car hauled 100000 lbs it would only be 6 cars. 50000 lbs would be 12 cars and probably 12 trucks at a lower rate to do it.


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