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NWP "ghost" locos in Eureka are being removed this week

Drove past Commercial Street this morning and there's a crew working on the 4 NWP locomotives behind the fence.  They've already moved the southernmost engine to one end of the yard, and are pulling the others around with a Bobcat.  I drove in and learned that they'll be loading them onto flatbed trucks in the next few days before the foreman chased me out.  He wouldn't tell me who they worked for, and their pickups weren't marked, so must be a private contractor.  If anyone wants to save these babies (or at least get photos), now's your last chance.

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I think I have $5 and a gift card to Chilis... Will this be enough?

We don't got no stinkin' Chilis up here.

 Badges....What Badges???  I ain't got no stinkin' Badges.....  Good news on the loco moves.....  Not a pretty site for the NWP, ala Euraka Southern, ala NewNWP remembrances.  Maybe they can melt them down and pour them into a new mold.....Aw Geez.....they already did that was quick....... replacing those old Geeps with the new rendition of the old SD9's.

3190 is going to be restored by the orange empire railroad museum, CCT70 is going to be scrapped, the rest are going to be rebuilt and returned to service

That's better than rusting away!

The CCT70 to be scrapped. Is that the one that was in a runaway collision several years ago?

CCT70 is not the collision one. It is owned by NCRA. It was the most reliable locomotive EUKA and NCRA owned.

I have had a lot of cab rides in CCT70.

Is cct70 being scrapped due to copper theft??? What else is wrong with it??

Heres some pictures, yo:

Anybody else suddenly get really, really sad...?

Don't be sad.  Monson says he could have his engines up and running by late 2016.  But, running where...?

He has a nice collection of locomotives just outside of Turlock (Chemurgic), so he will probably send them there.  They were nice enough to let me come in and photograph them once.  Most of the locos he has there are former SP units.


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