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I am aware of 160.305, 161.280, and 160.410 but I never hear anything on my scanner except occasional mores code on 160.305. Is it just my location, or scanner? Or are there other frequencies?



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Those are the correct frequencies.  I know they have the radio on.  Listen for their communication when they're in town and coupling, uncoupling and switching. I've seen the engineer talk to the flagman at those times.
I guess my scanner just sucks. I haven't heard a word and have had it on all day... I was hoping to hear them call for the bridge as a heads up. oh, well.

Does the NWP have a trunked radio system? That would explain why I only hear static when they talk. I know it's not me or the scanner because I hear UP dispatch and local P.D. just fine.

Trunked? what does that mean

It's complicated, basically from what I understand it means radios send data packets on rotating frequencies within a "talk group." sort of like the privacy channels on your standard walkie-talkie

Hummm, ok. This might be what they do.  Would "trunked" have "low channels"  number 3 or number 5?  I know the frequencies are correct.  SMART wanted them to use them.  I know they have the radio on.  I know they communicate by radio coupling, uncoupling, switching.  

I know they use these freqs, but all I hear when they talk is digital sounding static instead of voice. I'm not familiar with the term "low channels"

They said something about using low channels.  I can't remember if it was number 3 or number 5.

do these refer to AAR Channels 3 or 5?

160.305 is CH13; 161.280 is CH78; 160.410 is CH20.

CH3 is 159.930; CH5 is 160.185

I'm not really sure.  Sorry.  Wish I knew more about radios.  It looked like a walkie-talkie, hand held.


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