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Just got the latest Progressive Railroading and there is a article in there about class 1 railroads having mobile apps to help customers track shipments, pay bills etc. Would this ever work for the NWP as it gets bigger?? Some companies like trucks because they can track shipments well. Why not do this with the rail on the NWP??

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Well, probably the biggest reason not to bother at this point is that there isn't that much of NWP in operation.  Once a shipment is transferred to NWP, the customer knows it's going to be delivered in a few hours, if not the next morning, at most.  That might not be the case if the NWP ever gets to Eureka again and takes some time making up trains at, say, Willits, and lets the cars stack up for a few days before making a run up to the coats.

All major railroads provide tracking systems for their customers via the Internet, so adding a mobile app isn't a problem. NWP keeps loads for a couple of days, so there's no need to track cars on its line.


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