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The official announcement will be made at 11am Thursday at the Sacramento Amtrak station by Steve Page, President of Sonoma Raceway and David Kutrosky, and Managing Director of the Capitol Corridor. (see press release below) for a passenger train to NASCAR on June 23rd from Sacramento to Fairfield and then over the Cal Northern to the NWP from Brazos to Sears Point. The cost is $199 round trip and will include tickets and VIP track access. 
The train will be push-pall with ten regular double deck commute cars and a snack car. The times will be announced at the Sacramento news conference. This will become an annual event. NWP petitioned the FRA for a wavier on the Brazos Bridge to operate the train because the interlocking has not been restored since vandals stole a quarter of a million dollars of cooper wire off the bridge. A FRA inspector did a visual inspection two weeks ago and OKed the bridge for the movement of special passenger train without the required interlocking. The last train to operate over this portion of the NWP was the Asti Express in 1968 sponsored buy the RLHS.. In October 1996 and 1997, Redwood Coast Tours ran passenger trains from Healdsburg to Willits. 


Sonoma Raceway, Capitol Corridor 
to Make Special Announcement 
Sonoma Raceway and the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA) will announce an exciting new transportation option for the Toyota/Save Mart 350 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event in Sonoma. 
Thursday, April 25, 11 a.m. 

Amtrak Station, Midway Plaza, 401 I St, Sacramento 

Steve Page, Sonoma Raceway president & general manager 
David Kutrosky, Capitol Corridor managing director 

Race fans and train passengers are welcome to attend the press conference. 

A raceway NASCAR show car will be on hand and cameras are welcome to shoot b-roll of arriving/departing trains. 

Sonoma Raceway will celebrate the 25th running of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series racing in Sonoma at the Toyota/Save Mart 350, June 21-23. This event marks NASCAR's only visit to Northern California, and one of only two road courses on the series schedule. The race has become one of the most exciting and unpredictable on the circuit as tempers flare on the road course’s tight turns. 

Diana Brennan, (707) 933-3918 or

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Where are they going to unload passengers? They have no platform to do so. Pretty cool none the less!

the track close to the main road going in to the raceway so i would say on the dirt or they are going to lay crushed rock as a path to it  i drive out that way one a week  so i will be looking for changes to the area

It's still april....late april fools joke? LOL

This is not a joke. I know people at the race track who confirmed it. Its a ticket package deal. I don't know the price, but I know they only have 500 tickets available. They could have a platform up in less than 2 weeks over in the camping area. The raceway owns all that land up next to the ROW.

I believe it and my enthusiasm is stoked for sure!

I was just ribbing another member for his April fools joke this month that had everyone fooled good :-)

Plagiarism at its best!  The above posting is what I, Mike Pechner posted on train-orders last night. Its so nice Chad foreword this on NWP net. The Press release came from Steve Page, a friend of mine and the rest is my own research and text!  I guess Chad has never heard of taking someone else work and giving it credit. I am assuming  he hasn't learned about plagiarism in school.

Oops sorry man! Just copied and pasted. Thought I gave you credit but I guess I forgot, no excuses.
Got caught up in the excitement I guess.
Of course I have learned about plagiarism, thanks.
Thanks for catching that by the way, I really hate doing that and not noticing.
Props on the information and passing it out! I was just trying to do the same.
Have a great night, and see you trackside.
Please note that I added that this was not mine to the top of the post. Thanks!

If that is an apology, it is excepted.

It most certainly was, thank you sir.
Sorry about that. I deffinintly was not trying to take your credit as my own, simply wanted to share this exciting information on this site. Didn't think to cite it when I reposted it, that's an oops I won't do again.
Have a great night, and like I said, see you trackside soon.

Just bought my ticket, only 500 seats, and they're going fast

 Dear Mike,

    Plagiarism is no fun for sure, but give Chad a break.  He clearly stated at the top of the article that it was from a posting on  He was excited,...he meant no harm....  You seem to have a thorn in your shoe because he didn't mention your name "Mike Pechner".  Well, I will let everyone know that "MIKE PECHNER" posted that article on Trainorders.....FIRST......and is to be congratulated.....So Congratulations "MIKE PECHNER" for posting that article in Trainorders.  We are all indebted to you for......wait a second......aren't you a member of this forum as set it up by not posting it in this (our forum) first.  More appropriated to post it for NWP forum first......maybe you forgot in the excitement.  Chad is a good man.....don't chew his butt.....Enough said.........


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