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  NWP movement headed toward Petaluma this AM.  Through Schellville at 09:33 am.  Not sure what the consist is at present.  Good photo opportunities if you are out on the line today.......JBRioGrande

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Yep, just heard train horn in Petaluma.
2009 had 3 grain coming in
Hello B. Richards......I am not familiar with who you are.  It is nice that you participate in this site with interesting NWP material.  Thankyou......Myself......I am a former employee of the NWP.  I worked out of Willits the summer of 97 ....about a year before the line closed.  I was hired as a conductor after my former work with four other lines.  I pulled the pin because of unsafe working conditions......I now work in a Senior Living Facility in Sonoma.
which senior facility, I'm working on a power point on the railroad between 1980-2011 and I would love to talk to you to gather info
Merrill Gardens Mike......part time M-Th.  I really only worked for the NWP for a short time after seeing the condition of the track and working conditions with the old equipment.  The whole place was one big accident waiting to happen.......and it did.  As the old story goes,...there was plenty of enthusiasm,...but no money or manpower for maintenance......we were running on mud and loose turf.....the rails were loose most of the way through the canyon.....and the facility was old and withering pretty badly.  We were one step away from flopping into the canyon and river in a number of places....mileposts.  Island Mountain was a ghost town, with old telephone wires hanging in the air, and the old microwave towers though still standing were desecrated.  So were the signal boxes which had housed the communications wiring and systems.  Espee did a job on the place when they pulled out.  It was a disaster area......looked like it had been overrun by bandidos and then bombed.  The track there actually was in pretty decent shape....the passing siding and main were still intact.  The North side of the tunnel....across the bridge was cracked above the portal and there was about a seven or eight inch diffenence between one side of the portal and the other.  Looked to be pretty unstable.  All of the mobile residences.....maintained by Espee for the work gangs had been removed from their foundations.....Oh was ugly.  What a shame to see it that way after so many glorious days during NWPs haydays back in the 50's, 60's and even into the 70's.  I remember one particular train that derailed coming toward Schellville as it was leaving the Novato wye.  They had eight cadillacs on the point, and about 40 or 50 cars around, the hogger pulled it out a couple of notches, probably into transition between maybe 4 and 5......well because of the length of the train, and the tonnage (153 cars....almost all loads) the wheels began slipping....and I assume that when sand was applied,....the tractive effort pulled three or four boxcars off the track at the wye,.....(stringlining).  Same thing happened in that Sacramento River spill up above Dunsmuir......although a bit different,....and some of that had to do with the way the consist was put together.......All for now....JBRioGrande


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