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 I had occasion today to speak with William Bliss. He is the grandson of DL Bliss (as in DL Bliss State Park) who owned Glenbrook and built narrow gauge railroads on the west, east, and north shores of Lake Tahoe for logging operations. He mentioned to me to "keep an eye out" for a book that's is supposed to be released by the end of the year (he thinks it's at the publishers right now) regarding the railroads that were built and operated at Lake Tahoe. So I'm passing the "headsup" along to the forum members who might be interested. Mr Bliss has memorabilia from the steamboats his family owned and renewed my invitaion to visit him at the Glenbrook, NV residence, which I hopfully will be able to do this year. He is a wealth of knowledge regarding Tahoe History and a very gracious and unassuming person. Regards, Bob B.

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