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Northwestern Pacific Railroad, Inc.'s website, or Why is it so, well, horrible?

Has anybody talked to them about their website?  To put it bluntly, their current website stinks!  They need pictures, current ops, maps, plans for future ops, etc.   

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There are so many free website tools, I am surprised they haven't done more.  I know they are a small outfit, but still, I've seen some pretty impressive websites from some VERY small roads, let's get them a 21st century web page!

Hows this? It took me about 10 minutes in my Website Design class this morning. (Don't worry it's not published, and I did not get Ron Close's permission to use the photo. Awkward. Sorry.) 

My best guess as to their website is lack of time and, like everything else, lack of money. Maybe they don't have someone trained? A lot of businesses outsource their website design to other companies, who charge pretty hefty amounts per word or per page.

That looks great Chad! I would contact them, see if maybe they might want to use it, at least it could get them going with some good ideas and examples.

No worries Chad - we're all "family" here.  LOL!  

Maybe we can volunteer to help them with a webpage. Or maybe someone should make a public comment at the next ncra meeting.

Excellent ideas Carl, thanks! I'm willing to help out in whatever way I can, I will contact Doug McCorkle and see what he thinks.  The NCRA has a pretty good website, maybe they could share some web space with the Northwestern Pacific, or maybe SMART could share some space.  In this day and age, it's vitally important to have a good web presence, especially for companies, so I think this needs to be addressed and fixed.

Sheesh. Talk about a bare bones website.

What do they need a website for, anyway.  They aren't advertising.  They keep a low profile.  It's hard to imagine there's a potential customer out there that doesn't know the NWPCo is operating.  I expect they just don't bother to spend the time or money to mess with it.

 The bottom line.......NWP......"Nowhere In Particular" seems very appropriate.  .....And some of you wonder why they have such very little traffic?  Isn't it obvious?  Would you care to investigate shipping with any organization that has such a unimpressive website?  I agree with Mike Cook on this one.  I'd certainly hire a person who has progressive ideas and enthusiasm like our own Chad, and back him up with funding.  The current administration is either busy sleeping or watching their cash flow sink lower and lower.  They better start bailing the water out of their sinking tub, or they will join the long list of other failed operation attempts......JBRiogrande

I'm not bashing old people, but... These are old railroad guys, they know the ways to run a railroad and in 1980 websites did not exist. Keep in mind that the parent company that owns NWP is Woodside consulting and their website is mickey mouse:

The fact that they have one is a sign that they realize that they need one, but Im sure they don't want to spend the resources until there is a definite business need.  WHO WILL GO THERE? US? A business website is not for the public in this situation, its for customers, and the site has their information needed.  If someone wants to offer a website upgrade for them for free, they most likely will be willing to except, such as a student that has to build a site for class... plus that student will probably get extra points for showing that the site is going to be used as an actual site.

What ever the case, they feel that they don't have a need.  If anything, they should spend their money on getting the customer base up an rolling.

Although I like designing and using websites, I agree with Michael on this one...there's really not a need for a high class website.

 A solid website might be the key to building a better reputation, and bringing in shippers.  Todays business and transportation industries rely on the internet......everything is computerized.  We're not back in the 80's or even the 90's.  Things have changed bigtime.  It is too bad that the NWP does not have the funds to really make an initial lift-off, to speak.  Like I have stated before.....the California Northern (check out their website), and the former new 'NWP', have not been able to cut the rug.  What is it going to take Chad?  Is this new interest motivated, enthusiastic, and aggressive,.....or are they waiting for things to happen?  Well.....maybe the latter?  At this point I don't see much in the planning stages, and certainly not much on the table to work with as far as funding goes.  I sincerely hope I am wrong when I ask,....."is there some handwriting on the wall that we've missed"?  I still have to side with Mike Cook........1980's guys may know how to run a railroad 1980's style, but is 2014.  New technology, new research, new ideas, and a new enthusiasm to make things more efficient.  i.e. Get a loaded car from Windsor to Roseville in an efficient and timely manner.....   JBRiogrande


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