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I see in the PD that Russion Rivier Brewing  is moving to a much larger facility in Windsor.  How will they bring in their barley?  Is this too far up the open RoW?

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I was looking on Google maps and can't see where the brewery will be. Have a general idea but I doubt that nwp will be able to put in a spur since smart want all ptc switches and a spur will cost millions of dollars. With the amount of money spent on the new building. I doubt they will have money left over for a rail spur. But good idea.
It will be at the corner of Conde and Mitchell. There are wine warehouses also being built there but not sure of a spur. Maybe a transload at SS. It's close


Good on you for identifying the location.  If that is where it will be located that is just north of Dumol winery and close to the tracks.  I believe it is north of the present renovation of the line so outside of SMART's PTC domain.  Will NWP be willing to upgrade the RoW to deliver a few loads of barley and also then provide transport for the wineries located in that area where there is an existing spur?

IMHO transloading is not an option as this is grain not lumber.

Will be interesting to see what NWP does

Richard, Laganitus was using the spur just north to unload cars and truck it 1/4,mile to the brewery.
This is true. I am not sure that Russian River production numbers are close to lagunitas. Not sure if the numbers would make sense.

And Chad maybe that is the reason why NWP is not hauling as many hoppers while the Lagunitas brewery is running at full capacity according to the PD.

The NWP 2014 Christmas card featured a picture of a load of malt and unloading it was a multi step process.

Anyone know the status of the negotiations between SMART and NWP re: replacing the switch to Lagunitas?

Can somebody explain to a semi-train-literate why a full-fledged PTC switch that costs a million bucks is required for a turnout or spur that will only be used when the SMART system is not operating? It seems like there should be a "manual" PTC switch option available that connects with the PTC system to verify "open and closed," but otherwise would be manually operated. No?

I can't defend that cost number, if it is in fact correct.  However, the switch is used by SMART, in the normal position, whenever a SMART train passes over it, and therefore its position needs to be fed back into the CTC system, and it must remain electrically locked in that position.

Remember, CTC controls the physical plant.  PTC is mostly about stopping the train when the operator fails to obey rules, such as a signal aspect or exceeding the speed limit.


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