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I received my copy of the  wonderful new (yeah I just found out about it!) NWP Book by, Angelo Figone, what a wonderful addition to my Fred Stint and Bray Dickensen (a cousin) collection!
Been sitting here in Albuquerque , NM kinda layed up so had time to start through the book focusing on Sonoma-Schellville information and have a comment and question regarding a couple of photos.

1. Page 282 Schellville Photo caption indicates "Crossing Guard Arms Down" yet there are none present. My cousin's property (Blacksmith and Machine shop since 1920's) is just to the East (right side) of the tracks and where the photo is focused looking at the Depot. I can't tell you how many times going to visit him we were "stuck" on the wrong side of those flashing red lights and ding dong Bell that marked the HWY rail crossing! I'm not sure but maybe the "crossing gates" weren't installed until the Calif Northern started operations there?

2. Page 268 Sonoma Depot
Indicated as an "Extra" wouldn't an "Extra" have an "X" on the number board, as in the B&W photo here on this website photo album where the passenger cars are backed into the Depot area from the Castagnasso property? The photo  file on this website "may even be" the head end of the Excursion train shown on page 267, as I remember the one or two I saw were LONG! In the back round, right side page 268, the building with the green roof is west of First Street West I believe.  The end of track stub was on the West side of First Street West and was only about 2 locomotives long with a diesel tank car on a siding next to it for refueling, I don't remember there being more than 1-2 locomotives there at any one time. The Train Order Sheet indicates there should be 12 cars in this consist which would make it fairly long. So wouldn't the Locomotive be farther east of the Depot (closer to the camera) even if the train was backed all the way to end of track blocking First Street West?
The Excursion trains I remember where long enough to block First Street West and East, although they may have left First street West open for access to that part of town, I know first Street East was closed as I stood by the car blocking it.

A great book, if I didn't already have a new copy I'd buy it again! Well researched and presented, thanks Angelo for all the effort to bring this story to us!

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