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How about creating a new group just for maps?  I know there are some maps in the photo section.  What I propose is a group where close up scans of maps of the NWP and its connecting lines and some related photos could be posted in a convenient place for access to railfans who are researching the line and do not know the area.

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I concur! I'm currently studying Geographic Information Systems and dabbling in digital cartography, so sharing these maps and referencing them would be a great idea. I'm going to try overlaying older tracks onto the existing ones, which with any luck, I can add a proper Google Maps overlay for.
Great idea, Paul and Joseph. I created a "Maps" group and added a little content, but let me know if there's anything you think I should add to or remove from the group page. And just FYI, any member of the network may create a group and make it public or private, so please feel free to do so when other ideas like this arise. And, Joseph, I've been doing a little reading in GIS and think it would have some interesting applications for railfans, per your comment. Let me know if you make any progress with your overlays and Google Maps -- would love to see what you come up with. Regards,

Mark D.


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