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Looks like prep work for the new bridge has begun.  Foliage on the access road has been removed.   Grading has occurred on the access road and up to the ROW.  Is the ROW going to be shifted to provide a new approach to the new bridge? 

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yes the row will be moved when they are ready to open te new bridge


Aug 19- Aug 26, 2014 – Haystack Bridge, Petaluma: Tree removal and preparation for removal of old bridge and installation of new bridge.

Improvement or replacement of existing railroad bridge structures.

Aug 1 - Aug 15, 2014 – Haystack Bridge, Petaluma: Tree removal and site preparation, pile driving.

The r.o.w. is being shifted to the East to accommodate the new bridge, which will be more perpendicular to the river than the existing bridge.  The current bridge crosses the river at an angle.

Here are some plans I found for the new bridge:


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