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As stated in a few member status updates and comments the network is currently experiencing issues with formatting -- the site looks quite broken to me, though all content appears to be accessible.  The Ning support forum hasn't offered much of an explanation but appears to be "fixing" networks on an individual basis as people complain (which I've now done).  If the shady overseas company which now owns the Ning platform continues to degrade the experience we may need to look at a replacement down the road, and apologies for the pain in the meantime.

Mark D.

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Keep up the good work Mark.
We all greatly appreciate what you do to keep things going here.

This same formatting issue has resurfaced, the Ning support team has been made aware and hopefully the temporary fix will be applied today or tomorrow, at the latest.  Apologies once again to all for the flakiness of this platform!

Mark D.

Looks like we are back to normal again!


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