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As stated in a few member status updates and comments the network is currently experiencing issues with formatting -- the site looks quite broken to me, though all content appears to be accessible.  The Ning support forum hasn't offered much of an explanation but appears to be "fixing" networks on an individual basis as people complain (which I've now done).  If the shady overseas company which now owns the Ning platform continues to degrade the experience we may need to look at a replacement down the road, and apologies for the pain in the meantime.

Mark D.

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I use Apple tools and wanted to advise status.  The formatting issue does not present itself on my Mac OS where I use Firefox.

I see it on both of my iOS devices where I am browsing with with Safari.


Today, on Windows I've tried Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome.  On iOS I've tried Safari, Firefox, and Chrome:  ALL browsers exhibit formatting issues, and worse:  many links are unavailable.

Richard:  in your test with Firefox, are you displaying this site in "Desktop Mode"?  Because the mobile version of the site does seem to render OK.

I either mode on my Mac the formatting while different than last week, is OK.
The problem for me in on my iOS devices.

Thank you for the addition investigation and information, Richard and Dave!  I filed an issue in the Ning Creators forum asking them to look into the problem:

It appears from other, related posts in that forum that the Ning support team is fixing the issue with v2.0 networks on a case-by-case basis and they have not yet acknowledged a larger problem.  Hopefully they'll get around to fixing our network soon but I'll keep after them until they do.  Regards,

Mark D.

Why not use the same format as Altamont Press?

I’m not sure which platform/application Altamont Press uses but I’ve considered a number of different offerings over the years and the chief problem is that migrating to something other than Ning would likely mean we’d lose a large portion of our content — there’s just no easy way to move ~9K images with associated comments, as one example.  Were Ning to become markedly more unstable or expensive I may be left without a choice, but losing most of the images and videos already on this site would decrease its value, clearly.

That said, if anyone has comments or suggestions about this please pass them along.  I’ve hosted WordPress sites in my AWS account for people in the past and that’s a great option if the crap does hit the fan, but we’d still lose much of the older content in any such move.  Regards,

Mark D.

Any progress yet? Have some content I’d like to share.

Looks like we are back to normal now!

It's great to have the site back on line.

Yes, looks like the network has returned to some semblance of normal, though I received no notification from Ning Support that anything was done on our behalf.  That’s just the state of Ning these days, sadly.

Bravo!  Much thanks, Mark!  :-) may be a Plan B or Plan C kind of option.


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