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If you are interested in the future of the NWP and NCRA I encourage you to read the latest agenda items from the Feb 8 NCRA mtg in Healdsburg.

 At least two interesting items as well as the LPG storage agreement.

1. is the NCRA agreement with att (known as PBTC) to allow att to continue to trespass on the NCRA property.  MOre importantly long term is the agreement that PBTC shall pay to NCRA an annual amount equal to $0.33 per linear foot/year for each such (fiber optic) installation.  This is a major item as internet demands will continue to require more fiber bandwidth, and the shortest path between northcoast cities is always a railroad RoW.  At $1.00 a yard/year along the NCRA RoW that could bring in a lot of cash.

2. SMART and NWP have reached an agreement on the deployment of automatic train control (ATC) on the SMART RoW.  NWP has agreed to provide SMART with 2009 for ATC testing given that SMART will provide the ATC equipment to NWP to outfit two of their locomotives.  This is a huge win for NWP as I'm told the ATC equipment, installation and testing can be expensive.  SMART will be picking up the tab for the installation and testing of the onboard ATC equipment for at least 2 of the NWP locos.

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