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The way NWP keeps moving 3804 around, I feel as if we're being deceived. Does anyone know the plans for this unit?!?!? Is it even operable, as I thought I heard on here that it was moved under its own power once? Is NWP leasing it, or is Mr. Munson planning to move it to Turlock at some point? If the latter is the case, if someone could post on here the move date, then we could be there to photograph this unit goodbye. Somebody could even track its progress on its way to Turlock!!! Any info is better than none, so if you know something about 3804, please share!









Zachary M. Toler

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Thought the 3804 had been moved back to P-town behind the depot?

Keith- I heard they started her up when she got to Schellville.

Hutch- She was brought back for a few days for emergency training then brought back to Schellville.

I told people this from the beginning! I hate to be negitive, but I was over every inch of that locomotive 2 years ago, there were wires hanging out of every door, control panel smashed, I highly doubt that thing would turn over much less run under its own power, unless the locomotive fairy paid a visit when we wer'nt looking..

So 3804 is probably just a parts donor for 1922, if that. More than likely just scrap. What a shame.


Zachary M. Toler

Possibly a parts donor...I can't see that being returned to active service with out a complete overhaul, tons or rewiring, new glasswork, and pass FRA regs. Im sad to say it, but I dont think its going anywhere. 

check out my discussion for more info on 3804.

Any pics of 3804 in schellville?????


Looking forward to seeing those shots here on the network, Keith! Say, those units sound as if they are on a deadline, waiting for fate to find them. Will they be slowly cannibalized for any usable parts? Will any of them be lucky enough to be acquired by a museum or rail enthusiast group and then restored? Will they patiently rust in peace, turning back into the earth from which they were made after several more decades of sitting on the tracks? Or will they all find their way into the history books (i.e. 4451, one of only two SP passenger SD9s, equipped w/ a steam generator in those days) or oblivion, via the scraper's torch? I guess time (and money) will tell.



Zachary M. Toler

Jelani how much would you estimate it would cost to buy it as it sits now???


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