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Anyone on the site attend the NCRA meeting today in Novato?

I would love to read what was discussed especially re: the sale of rail property in Cloverdale north of Citris Fair Ave.

Also hopefully someone asked why they still have not post the March meeting minutes.

Anyone know?????????

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I know now.  The March minutes are posted in the April packet.  Interesting item for NWPers in the "Staff Report".

"Mr. Stogner said that an MOU with SMART has been finalized that includes several important requirements and will set the ground rules for NWP Co. storage of liquefied petroleum gases near Schellville.  The requirements included in the MOU are that SMART will install Positive Train Control system on 2 NWP Co. locomotives (wonder which 2?), SMART will pay $100,00 for a turnout in Rohnert Park (Lagunitas?), and NWPCo. will furnish SMART with certain employment records relative to its engineers and operators. The MOU also included a quit claim for freight easement at the Petaluma Station."

Looks like NWP got all that it wanted.

Lagunitas is in Petaluma so I don't think that is it.

There used to be 2 spurs opposite the golf course in RP between Golf Course Dr and RP Expressway, one was for a roofing company and not sure who used the other one. Maybe they are reistablishing one of those. Could mean box cars.

There was a big article in the Press Democrat about the roofing company upset with SMART over the removal of their spur switch in Rhonert Park...could be them?

NWP 2009 is already equipped with ATC/PTC.  The NWPRRHS Facebook had Doug Bosco's bit video taped.


Was the Bosco video posted by anybody also a member here on this site?

Like others I stay away from f'book, which started in my town, like the plague.

I did the video. I was in a rush yada yada yada, haven't posted to utube, not sure if I will. Lagunitas spur has all the permits now, bids in at just under 1 mil, had expected 250K. Wish I could just upload video files. There may be another about the Woodman creek trout accommodation when I have time.

The Rohnert Park spur is for Innovative Molding, over on Valley Park Drive. They would receive inbound plastic pellets and possibly ship product out.
If that's where it is going do you know if they plan on building a spur all the way to the plant or unload/load on a parallel spur?


   I don't know for certain how it would be done, but I think the alignment would be a right-hand switch off the main from the south. The reason I think it would be this is due to the service area and structures for the County reclaimed water pipeline being on the north end of the property, existing terrain, property boundaries, and minimal impact to the existing roadways around the property.

   Of course, I'm no civil engineer nor fully familiar with the legal and property issues, so certainly don't take my overlay on Google Maps as gospel!

-- Joe



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