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Hey all. This news article is using a photo from 2001 showing a rather unusual bird. About the only color scheme that I'm aware of in the area that uses light blue is the Port of Richmond trains. I'm assuming that's an old Alco since it looks similar to the two that the waste disposal company in SF own.

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Which SF waste disposal co are you referring to?  The only S2 I've ever seen lately on SF tracks is the CalTrain switcher which is resident in San Jose.

There are two Alco's that were formerly used by the SF Belt RR that are used by Waste Solutions Group located at 199 Cargo Way San Francisco, CA 94124 near the India Basin. The guy who runs the trains offered to  give me a cab ride, but the chance never happened before I moved down here.

If you zoom the switcher a little, you can see a slant from the main hood to the front of the cab, which is an EMC/EMD design. I don't think Alco ever used that design. So I'm gonna say it's an early EMD SW7 or 8, not an Alco.

It's a leased engine from LLPX (Locomotive Leasing Partners) a EMD SW-1500 type switch engine.

Ah, thanks. Here it is!

It got me a little curious though. I wanted to know what LLPX was and had to go to the GATX website. From my cursory examination, it looks like the rail version of Penske. For those who have some familiarity with the difference, is it similar to a regular rail company like BNSF or UP?

Andrew, here's what Doc Watson has to say about that blue railroad train.  Enjoy some fine pick'n.


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