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Howdy. I have an mystery on my hands and wanted to see if there was anyone around that might be able to pinpoint a location. I found a small article in an old magazine called California Highway and Public works about some federal funding after the storms of '33-'34.

Russian River Jetty.
During this period there have been several severe storms during each of which some damage was done to the trestle. The last of these was on January 16th at which time the last span of the trestle deck was removed at the shore end, the entire trestle deck being
now removed. Only about four of the steel piles were broken, the remainder being bent over after the support of the deck was removed, but it is believed that most of these can be straightened for use in connection with the construction of a temporary trestle, put forward as the work of placing rock advances. This trestle has been in use for placing rock since August 1931, a period of 28 months, The actual damage done by the storms is estimated at $6,000. During this period work has proceeded under CWA Project No. SLF 70, with 14 men. On December 19th the time was reduced from 30 to 15 hours per week and will continue on this basis until additional money is made available.

CWA refers to the Civil Works Administration, one of the early New Deal agencies involved in work relief projects to employ people and get useful public works project accomplished.

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I believe this is referring to the attempt to build a jetty at the mouth of the Russian River to allow ships to enter the estuary.  There was a quarry at Goat Rock and the rail ran across the beach carry the rock tot he jetty.  The project failed to control the mouth because of the winter floods and it was abandoned.

There is relics littering the beach out there.

I'm sure that NWPRRHS has some info on it...Steve???

I retook and reposted the pictures of the remnants of the shovel. I believe it was a WPA project and did not involve NWP or it's predecessors


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