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My NWP research paper- Including my interview with Dan Hauser

Hey everybody. My name is Sean Mitchell, Timber Heritage Volunteer, and History student at HSU.

I wrote this paper for my Historical Methods class, and ended up entering it (with much revision) for the Humboldt State History Dept. Charles R. Barnum award last month. I won! Second place at least. The award landed me a scholarship for tuition, so I guess it was good enough! 

The Barnum award is geared for local, ground breaking historical research for the Humboldt County area, and it was a true honor to win. 

I interviewed Dan Hauser, who was an Arcata mayor, and also an assemblyman, but most importantly for me, he was the Executive Director of the North Coast Railroad, until it shut down. He truly gave me amazing info, and it's now in the paper. 

So check it out if you're interested! I think it's a fun read for anyone interested in the NWP. 


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And about the NWPRRHS- Do they have a physical place? I'm up near Eureka. I do have access to the NWP documents from the Eureka depot however. 

Click on the NWPRRHS button on the upper right of this page for info about the archives etc. We have had a researcher from Fortuna make the drive down for a day (several times) It's a long way, but likely worth it. 

Sean, you should post this on Altamont press  Nice job


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