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My NWP research paper- Including my interview with Dan Hauser

Hey everybody. My name is Sean Mitchell, Timber Heritage Volunteer, and History student at HSU.

I wrote this paper for my Historical Methods class, and ended up entering it (with much revision) for the Humboldt State History Dept. Charles R. Barnum award last month. I won! Second place at least. The award landed me a scholarship for tuition, so I guess it was good enough! 

The Barnum award is geared for local, ground breaking historical research for the Humboldt County area, and it was a true honor to win. 

I interviewed Dan Hauser, who was an Arcata mayor, and also an assemblyman, but most importantly for me, he was the Executive Director of the North Coast Railroad, until it shut down. He truly gave me amazing info, and it's now in the paper. 

So check it out if you're interested! I think it's a fun read for anyone interested in the NWP. 


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your paper is brilliant, just brillient

Seriously? haha thanks man. It was one of those things that I have read so many times it doesn't even sounds good to me anymore. hahaha!

I easily spent a month worth of free time on a ppt presentation on the NWP from the years 1980-2012 called "decline and restoration", and your paper was more informative on the "decline" than my presentation.

once again, good job

Thanks a lot man! I hope it brought some good info to the table. 

Seriously man, great job. That was an awesome article worthy of Trains or Railfan. I loved it!

An excellent presentation......telling like it was, and is.....

Yes,.....after the 1964 flood the railroad was reconstructed in 177 days.....a virtual miracle.....however, the job was the equivalent to patching old tires,...instead of buying new ones.  It was best...however, there were sections of line where the speed limit was back up to 30-35 mph along the Eel.  I took a ride up to Eureka in 1983, and we had an 84 car train....and as I took about six hours from Willits yard to Eureka.  At that time, the Eureka yard was in pretty poor shape, with industry moving out, and the lumber folks in trouble.  It was sad to see the system crumbling and falling....yet business was still holding together.  Espee had seen the handwriting on the wall and was giving up....and they did to Brian Whipple and the Eureka Southern....but money......maintenance went patchwork, and the winter rains did their thing.  Prior to the great flood of 1964 the NWP was a fairly healthy, active, operation,....and on solid ground,....but that was to come to an end.  Who knows what the future may bring, but the past was very well documented in this historical work.

Thank you! Great to hear your perspective. 

Nice read, thanks for keeping my attention from page to page.

Thanks a lot! 

Excellent work.  Congratulations on winning the scholarship!

Thanks a ton, it was a LOT of work, done mostly in spare time, and over the course of a year. I think I might write a paper next on the North Coast Daylight exclusively. I want to publish a book someday. 

Remember that the NWPRRHS archives are open most Thursdays and the first Saturday of the month.

p.s. nice job


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