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Hello all. I've been drawing a few Google maps of various California and Maine abandoned railroads. Here's some links if you want to check them out or have any corrections.

San Rafael & San Quentin RR

Sonoma Magnesite RR

SF & North Coast RR

Petaluma and Haystack RR

North Pacific Coast RR

Contra Costa County Mining RR

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Really like these ROW overlays, Andrew -- thanks for posting them! Regards,

Mark D.
Thanks Mark. I really wanted to go and explore these old trails, but moving to SoCal put the kibosh on that.
Very nice work!
What a trip! My Aunt's house is right on the middle line, the one that goes by Los Medanos college. I always thought when I was a kid that it seemed like an abandoned ROW but could never find any old ties or spikes to confirm it so I thought I was mistaken, guess not! Thank you very much for sharing!

After a century almost, I wouldn't expect to find much either. At least the footprint of former mining activity is still around. A really difficult line to map is the old Cowell Lime and Cement Company RR. I can barely find anything on it beyond a couple of pictures.

Great job! Traveling along Tomales Bay you can see the ROW on the West side south of Tomales as well as other locations, I believe there is a tunnel portal over there as well. Also one span of the bridge that crossed Tomales Bay - Keyes Estuary was removed and taken to just north of Sonoma for the Verano Ave street crossing of Sonoma Creek. That info was from my Dad who was born on the Ranch at Fallon, north west of Tomales and rode the NPCRR, and later the Electrics to the Ferries at Sausalito. He knew Roy Graves when he was at Tomales. His older brother and sister remember the train laying on it's side at Point Reyes after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Again great job! Bob Burns

Bob B.

Very nice, especially the NPC RR.  I need to get getting with the old logging lines around Humboldt Bay, which I live midway between two of them less than a mile away.


You might be interested in the Mapping_Rails yahoogroup, which we set up a couple years ago.  In the beginning it was aimed at abandoned Los Angeles area streetcar/interurban lines, but we've opened it up to anywhere in California.  Unfortunately it's been quiet of late, so some fresh blood and new rail lines questions/answers/maps would be a great boost.


Group URL is

Hi Andrew, this is really exciting, thank you. Let me know if you would like to go walking along any of them?



I've love to go photographing these old ROW's, but, I don't live in norcal anymore. If you get the chance to get pictures, please send them in (or post them on a share site) so I can include them with the maps.

Nice work, thanks!  Some good ones to do too would be the SP Jawbone Branch (portion of it from Mojave now ran by UP to the Searles Interchange with the Trona RR), Tidewater & Tonopah and Carson & Colorado, you can follow the T&T really well on Google Maps, the desert preserves those old ROW's pretty well!

Your right about the how the desert preserves the old ROW's. Every trip to Las Vegas the past few years I watch for the ROW along HWY 95, south out of Hawthorn, NV, to Mina, Luna, Tonopah and Goldfield. The old ore loading apparatus is still there along with the capstain winch used to move cars when there wasn't a locomotive available. I tend to day dream about how HOT it would have been in the Cabs when it was 105 out side (and we have A/C in the car)

I live in Redwood Valley up in Mendocino County, I can do some photography of the old logging line north of Fort Bragg sometime.  Most of it is a walking trail now, the Pudding Creek Trestle has been well taken care of.


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