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I see, in the latest issue of "The Headlight", that the NWPRRHS is offering a gold-colored monogrammed shirt for sale.

If it would be posssible, I wonder if the NWPRRHS network could post a colored picture of the shirt?


Richard, Santa Rosa


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FYI: This item is not listed on the NWPRRHS's website.  Too new?


It was in the Sept-Oct isssue of the Headlight. Yes, it must be new.

I don't know what kind of shirt it is. A polo shirt with the NWPRR redwood tree logo I think would be quite popular.



Ask and ye shall receive, just don't ask for glamor shots.

Also, sweat stain on the collar are extra

Thanks very much for posting the photo, Steve!  I appreciate it and will be sending in my order.






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