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I was curious if anyone thought that mcnear brick and block in San rafael would be a good possible customer?? They could truck product to shelville to trans load to trains to ship out. I see so many trucks carrying their products but wasnt sure where they ship to.

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I would expect that McNear would find it more convenient, if it were shipping by rail, to simply truck the product over the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge to the Richmond rail yards, rather than hauling it all the way to Schellville with a connection a few miles off to CFNR, and then again to the national rail system, no?  Actually, I doubt that McNear ships far off enough to use rail, anyway.  A lot more freight is shipped by barge out of the huge Dutra quarry (aggregate, etc.) and, I believe, run up the Petaluma River to Dutra's plant just south of Petaluma which is located immediately adjacent to the NWP/SMART ROW.


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