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An amazing property, and it doesn't appear to be gated!  ;)

I can't imagine how many thousands of man-hours went into it, let alone the cost.

Maybe about as much as fixing the line north of Willits

Well, it doesn't look like the rolling stock comes with it. It was originally listed for $2.9M, then reduced to $2.475M and Zillow values it at a FMV of $1.278M. I think the owners have Bay Area real estate values in mind, not the boonies in western Oregon, which is very nice, but a fraction of here. Another case of "over-improving" a property. Very nice place, but, as they say, it's all about location, location, location. Besides, the youtube ad was kind of creepy, if you ask me. It seems they've never heard of letting a property sell itself. No telling if there's a stock yard or a hog farm next door!

It seemed to me that the phrase "World Class" was overused in the video.  It could be the basis for a drinking game.

I assumed everything pictured was included in the sell price, but apparently not.  Thanks for bursting my retirement fantasy!  :)


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