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It seems and I am sorry to write that when I sent a note to Jake today, that I received a response email that another person had replaced Jake at NWP.  Now I understand that business is a constantly changing employment environment but I remember that Jake was credited by someone for having renovated the old Sonoma spur to have more tankers stored in Schellville. 

Other comments from non F'book members?

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I ... oops, nevermind

I work for Mike Edwards, the new GM, at a couple properties.  He has done great things with the railroad in the short time he's been with the NWP.


Are your comments in reference to James or Jake?

If you are a member of this site, I assume you are aware of the issues on this line.

I can only offer that we all want to see this short line succeed and move north and hope that in some way you and James can help with that wish.

I don't know Jake Park. I was hired by the man who replaced Jake. His name is Mike. My comments are about the progress Mike Edwards has made since Jake's departure.

I'm looking forward to continuing to contribute to the NWP. I know the NWP wants to increase it's business, and the way North is definitely the way to go in my humble opinion.

James J Caestecker

James:  it's great to hear your optimism!  As someone who actually works for NWP Co., I'm sure many of us here would love to hear your story, or mini biography.  In addition, if  you care to share your thoughts in more detail about the future of the line, I'm sure your perspective would be highly valued by the membership here.  If nothing more, tell us about your workday and duties.  Trying to decide which job I'm more envious of:  Railroader or Brewmaster!

A belated welcome to!

Thanks for your reply, Dave.  The work I do is different from train crew work.  I work remotely from my home in Southern California doing computer-based tasks like making maps and recently helped Jon Kerruish at SMART with some of the map documents that SMART/NWP uses for identifying locations on the railroad.  On my one and only visit (so far) up to the railroad, I had the pleasure of riding on the Brazos Hauler and Petaluma Flyer and also took a Hi-Rail trip from Santa Rosa to Healdsburg and then drove (by Hwy 101) to the NWP's(?) facility in Cloverdale.  (Our lunch stop at Healdsburger was a highlight of that trip).

What really impresses me is that the NWP still oozes with the classiness of the SP.  I thoroughly enjoyed riding in the MP15AC on both of my train trip and thought that it was really cool that (though very run down) they still use the Schellville Depot as a crew base.  Some neat train equipment is parked there on the Wye too.  I know the former owner of the privately owned baggage/horse car "Pony Express," which is now outfitted with side-door observation areas, a bar, and an entertaining space.  Would love to see one of the SD7's or SD9/Cadillacs run some time.  

I'm an active railroad museum volunteer in east San Diego county at the Pacific Southwest Railway Museum, where I hold qualifications as a Speeder Operator, Track Inspector, Brakeman and Student Engineer and am a Certified Conductor.  (Mike Edwards, who is the new GM at NWP Co. got his start in railroading at PSRM and is our Certification and Training Officer/Director of Train Operations).

My family also owns a vintage railcar, the Silver Splendor, which is an ex-CB&Q Denver Zephyr Vista Dome coach; it operates in private and public excursion service behind Amtrak trains based in Los Angeles.

Needless to say, the railroad runs in my blood through and through.

-JamesHere's one of me at PSRM Campo, which runs on another former SP Subsidiary, the San Diego and Arizona (Eastern) Railway.


Highball northward!

That's good to hear for all of us I'm sure.

I knew Jake because a couple of years back when NWP/NCRA was looking for US Gov't funding for RoW restoration north of Windsor, I did some outreach for him to Senator's Feinstein and Boxer.  Unfortunately for a number of reasons the application deadline was not met and we are where we are today with significant freight opps north of the EoL.  



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