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So, I was listening to NWP owner Mr. John Williams' June 9th presentation to the NCRA, and my ears perked up when I heard the words "Humboldt" and "SD unit." I can't help but wish that this means we have movement of and SD-9 somewhere, probably the one at Schellville. If anyone has access to the photos from the presentation, there's a picture.

Audio from the meeting can be found here:

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Im a little confused,

by "movement" do you meen the locomotive is operational or being placed on a flatcar or truck?
operational, or at least partly so is my guess
And I guess anouther questine, will it be the one pulling trains schellville to windsor?
Well, this is just wild speculation. Seeing as the NWP leased power most of the NCRA-painted SD9 and GP9 units, it might be financially viable to get one working again, as I don't see any value in having them scrapped.

That said, due to the settlement with the City of Novato, only low-emissions diesels are allowed through their city limits. I doubt any of the old units would fall in that category without gutting and replacing the prime movers and exhaust systems. However, there has been a trend of sending older EMD units to National Rail Equipment (NRE) to be converted into Genset units. To give an example of what a converted SD unit might look like, take a look at the Norfolk Southern unit here:

As a footnote, it looks like they'll be renting rolling stock from the UP.
ahh that makes sence. I was wondering about a SD/GP unit and Novato.
Thanks for answering that.
Man, if THAT's a SD9 turned genset, it sure is homely looking now! How would they expect you to control a train up on Ridge, if they convert all the old units to these gensets to keep Navato happy? I have yet to see a genset w/obvious dynamic brakes! Sheesh, and what's that about the city of Navato? I had heard something about that since the RR had last stoped, they had put in a large housing development along the tracks, and upon hearing that the RR might be starting up again, were demanding that the RR build sound barrier walls along the ROW. I'm not sure what (if anything) that has to do w/making the RR use gensets through there.

Seems like the RR was there first, and Navato's planners maybe should have took into account that the line could become active again in the future. Now me, I'd LOVE to hear trains going by at night!!! That'd lull me right to sleep! Especially if it was that unmistakably distinct, throaty sound of a good old non-turbocharged SD9!!!

What's next, is Navato going to say train horns are too loud and ban them? Or that you can't have a steam excursion because it's not pulled by a genset? OK, rant over...



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